• Size: 33x48cm
  • Framed size: 43x58cm
  • Pastel on paper
  • Framed in a moulded wooden frame, painted in a light warm grey.


Pastel paintings that are framed behind glass are difficult to ship, because the risk of the glass breaking is too large. That is why I don’t ship framed pastel paintings with glass. To get your painting to you there are a few options:

  • Collect the painting
  • If you are local I can deliver
  • Use an art courier (Aardvark, + £100, UK only).
  • I can replace the glass with plexiglass, for safer shipping, and recommend having the plexiglass replaced by normal (or museum-) glass as soon as possible to avoid the risk of static.
  • You can purchase the painting unframed. I will wrap it safely and securely and recommend taking it to a knowledgeable framer as soon as possible because pastel paintings (just like charcoal) remain fragile while unframed (the pastel is easily smudged).

Please discuss with Sophie before purchasing.